The beauty of shopping online is that, if you want to, you can do it in your pants at 3am whilst eating marshmallows. As an ecommerce agency, we think you should have just as much flexibility when it comes to the design of your online store. Through a strategic, consultative approach, we get under the skin of your brand to create a totally bespoke online experience that presents your products brilliantly and makes them incredibly easy to buy.

Our tailored approach gives you complete freedom in design, but we can also use our expertise to help you drive conversion rates. Skilfully using techniques such as in-depth analytics, user research and enhanced user experience to transform more of your digital engagement into sales.

We won’t just launch you and leave you, either. We can support your online revenue with powerful, targeted digital marketing.

Sales start with strategy

Before we set up shop for you, we take a close look at your punters. Our experts sift through all the data to target the exact age, background and online media habits of your customers. There may be one core type of shopper or there may be many, but we can show you who you need to be catering for.

We also examine wider data too. From buying trends and competitor activity to upcoming innovations, this thorough understanding of the marketplace helps us put you in a stronger position, with a clear idea of how to target your next retail campaign.

Once we’ve got the lay of the land, we focus on you. Developing an impactful strategy designed to achieve (or exceed) your business objectives. We think, we question and we challenge until we arrive at the strongest way to make you stand out.

Making your top shop

After all the research and planning, we’ll roll up our sleeves and get to work on what an ecommerce agency does best - building your online store. Making sure it shows off your product or service, that it can be easily refreshed with new merchandise or offers, and that it gets shoppers to the checkout as effortlessly as possible.

The customer is paramount, so we make sure the user journey is utterly seamless. It’s one of the key things that’ll keep people coming back.

But what we do outside your site matters too. We can build up custom with any number of hard-hitting, highly targeted campaign tools – from Pay-Per-Click and email marketing to programmatic ads aimed at basket abandoners to get them to close the deal.

Facts and figures

Naturally, you’ll want to know how your store’s doing at all times. That’s why we’re happy to provide detailed, up-to-the-minute analytics and reporting. Keeping check of performance against your KPIs and identifying the most successful marketing channels.

If you’re looking to open up a store online, talk to the ecommerce agency who can make it shine.